Арганічны пус Пэдді

Арганічны пус Пэдді

Organic Pusa Paddy is low in carbohydrate that is very useful for diabetic people. The pusa paddy is highly acclaimed among clients for its high nutritional content. Organically grown, the Pusa paddy is high in demand in rice mills. Before the final delivery in market, the paddy is stringently tested on various standard quality parameters like purity and quality.


  • High nutritional value
  • Rich in fibers
  • No cholesterol

Мы ва ўсім свеце вядомая як вядучы экспарцёр і пастаўшчык рысу, чысты басмати, Sella Rice, арганічная Райс & 1121 басмати, і г.д..

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